DivX 4 Log file analyzer and patcher homepage

Here you can find utilities to analyze and patch DivX 4 log files generated after the first pass in two-pass mode. Aim of these utilities are:

- Discovering dependencies of values in log file (first versions);
- Set different compression ratios for key frames and delta frames;
- Predict resulting file size more precisely;
- Forecast required compression ratio;
- Gain encoding quality by more accurate distribution of comression ratio by project.

Site news.

16 February I tried the new DivX 5.0.3 and can not find out how can I help more. If you expect something from the utility still, please take part in a poll.

29 January 2003 I have no time to dig in the new 5.0.3 version of DivX right now, but I wish to do it and write a new utility. Hope I will have some time soon.

23 October 2002 I still do not have new ideas on the util, but I have a gift: a list of 3470 IP addresses noticed in sending SPAM.

01 June 2002 Version 0.48, supports logfile compression to enable interchange.

03 May 2002 Uploaded samples from the "10th Kingdom" movie compressed with the DivX 5.01 and the help of the utility.

21 April 2002 Version 0.47. Added some options for DivX5.

07 April 2002 Version 0.46. Fixed a bug with a lost frame and made further corrections to the patching algorythm.

23 March 2002 Version 0.45 is out. Supports DivX 5 B-frames. New patching algorythm.

10 March 2002 3 March my system suffered the total HD crash, so I was unreachable. If someone E-mailed me last week and did not receive an answer - mail once again, please.

26 February 2002 Version 0.44 new experimental algorythm.

09 February 2002 Version 0.43 bugfix and new feature in autosplit.

24 January 2002 Version 0.42 bugfix: long-lasting bug limiting maximum motion to 15000.

22 January 2002 Version 0.41 bugfix: now supports up to 256 zones.

20 January 2002 Version 0.40, supports automatic zone splitting according to motion amount.

04 January 2002 The utility is tested with DivX 4.12. The incompatibility issues were just misunderstanding.

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